Food is fun. It can be creative, delicious and it can hit the right spot when you’re really craving something. But food is also essential to survival and this means it is on your to-do list every single day! Since we all need food, we’re forced to prepare meals, cook, pick up takeout or go to a restaurant. And even though all of these things are fun and an experience in their own way, they can be extremely time-consuming. In this day and age, there are multiple ways to get the food you love at a much faster rate. Here are 3 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service:


The pure convenience of having an already prepared meal delivered to your home or office is the main reason to try a meal delivery service. Imagine waking up for work in the morning and knowing that right outside of your door there are fresh, prepared meals just waiting to be consumed. This convenience means you can feel comfortable hitting the snooze button, or spend some extra time on your hair, or even catch up on the news before you head to work because you know there is delicious, organic breakfast waiting in that black Crateful bag you just brought inside.


Just think about it. How many times do you go to the grocery story every month or week? How much time do you spend walking through aisles, waiting in line, putting something in your shopping cart just to realize later that you don’t really want that item after all? But that’s just the beginning. You take your groceries home, you tenderize meat, you cut up veggies, you boil water, oil a pan, etc. By the time you get to enjoy your meal, you’re exhausted. Especially after a long day. Now think of the money you spent on in the grocery store. On the gas, it took to get there. The possible traffic you waited in. A meal delivery service eliminates this problem. Chefs do the grocery shopping and cooking. Delivery people do all of the driving. And all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the fantastic meal that was brought straight to your door at a similar expense of going out and doing it all yourself.


Chances are you’re not a nutritionist. Maybe you read about how to eat healthier or to pack on muscle. Or maybe you’ve boughten a few cookbooks that show you how to improve your diet to fit your lifestyle. This is a great start to a healthy lifestyle, but in most cases, if you’re not a professional or being advised by one, this can lead to many mistakes. If you give a healthy meal delivery service a try. Let’s say a service like Crateful. You have the comfort of knowing that a Michelin Star chef and a celebrity nutritionist are supervising every meal and recipe that will be sent to you. You can also customize your meals to be exactly what you want to fit your specific and unique lifestyle.

So go ahead and give a meal delivery service a try. Take a look at our menu and contact us to know more about what Crateful has to offer. You can also jump to our previous post that explains why we’re the best meal delivery service in Los Angeles!