2017 is upon us and this year, just like every new year before, comes with new year resolutions. We all know the saying, “new year, new me” or “new year, new you”. But how often are we sticking with our resolutions? Maybe the problem is that we’re trying to become someone or something new each year instead of a better version of ourselves. So here are 3 tips to help you become a new better you this year:


This is just one of (hopefully) many, many, many years to come. You don’t run a marathon in a hurry. You don’t cook a meal with one ingredient. And you don’t achieve dreams overnight. All of these things take many steps and trial and error. Achieving your goals and new year resolutions are the same.

Think realistically about the amount of time you have and what you truly believe you can accomplish in this amount of time. Base your resolution around this. Give yourself the entire year and use this time to achieve your specific resolution.

Whether your resolution is to eat healthier, exercise more, or just simply to be happier, start small. If you’d like to eat healthier this year, try substituting one bad meal for one good meal a week. Don’t just try to quit all junk food cold turkey. If you’d like to exercise more, start by working out a little longer every time, or exercise just one more day than normal instead of vowing to exercise 5 days a week right off the bat. And if you’d just like to be happier this year, start by smiling more often and then continue to grow from there! 😊


Change is tough! Everyone has a routine and most of us dislike when that routine is interrupted, even if it’s for our own benefit. If you’re trying and failing or feeling unmotivated that is ok. Just relax and let it pass. Like I said before, you don’t run a marathon in a rush. Take your time and keep your eye on the finish line. You don’t want to burn yourself out in the first leg and not finish at all, right?

If you’re having a hard time relaxing or if you still feel like you need to successfully complete your resolution as soon as possible, just remember that you’re doing this for yourself. You’re not competing with anyone. This isn’t make or break. This is just the beginning of a worthwhile process that will make you happier and you can only succeed if you’re true to yourself. So go ahead and cut yourself some slack from time to time. Just don’t give up.


Try to think of something you really, really want. Something that will make you the happiest you could ever possibly imagine. Something that will change your life for the better and will give you all of the confidence and self-worth that you deserve. Now make it specific and write it down. Write it in the notes on your phone, on your laptop, or on your tablet. Make sticky notes and place them on your fridge, in your car, or even on your forehead so you can be reminded every time you look in the mirror or take a selfie. (Just kidding about the forehead part) but you get it! Continue to remind yourself.

Now give yourself a realistic timeline and make a list of the steps that will help you reach this resolution. Take that list and divvy up the steps with the corresponding, upcoming years. Dedicate every upcoming year to one step and track your progress. Be patient, share your resolutions with friends and family and work at it. This will not only help you reach your ultimate goal, but it will help you become a better you and not a “new” you.


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