The secret to happiness is variety. It is also the most important factor to beginning and maintaining a healthy meal plan and lifestyle. Meal planning and prepping are an incredible help to get you one step closer to achieving your fitness and health goals. Having fresh, organic meals put together and ready to be enjoyed is a joy in itself, but what happens when you find yourself repeating the same meals over and over? Not only does this dull down your experience, it can also set back your health goals. Here are 5 reasons to add variety to your meal plan:


If you’re eating the same meals every day or every week you’re getting the same exact nutrients over and over again. This could lead to a deprivation of nutrients and an overload of the nutrients you are constantly consuming. In most cases, a multivitamin won’t give you enough variation to make up for what you’re lacking in your diet if you are not switching your meals up.


If you haven’t jumped on the “organic” bandwagon yet, you are more than likely eating lots of processed foods. Processed foods are almost always very high in sodium and an excess of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, dehydration, etc.

If you are consuming a lot of processed foods, add some variation to your diet. Mix in veggies, fruits, and other nonprocessed food to your normal meal plan to make sure you’re not getting too much sodium.


If you are not mixing up your meal plans you are missing out on the amazing digestive benefits that different meals offer. When you think about your diet, do you notice anything you may be missing? Maybe healthy fats? Or fiber?

If you are lacking in any of these you are truly missing out on important digestive benefits that could lower your cholesterol, remove harmful fats and lower cholesterol. If your meal plan is lacking healthy fats or fiber, try adding avocados, berries, and nuts to your meal plan.


Eating too much of a certain food can lead to many health issues. Eating some foods in excess can lead to joint problems, a thyroid issue, insomnia, headaches, and even high levels of stress. To avoid these issues take a closer look at which foods comprise your meal plan.

An easy way to avoid these issues is to add more variety to your meal plans. Switch up your breakfast every few days and avoid eating anything in excess, even fruits and veggies.


Most people use a short-term mindset when approaching diets and health goals. People find themselves getting quickly bored with their new meal plan or lifestyle change and revert back to their bad habits. If you’re keeping variety in your meal plan you will never get bored and you won’t revert back to bad habits. If you normally eat out, try cooking at home more. If you cook a lot, try eating out more.


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