With the holidays coming up, we all know that money is tight. There are plane tickets to purchase, presents to buy and meals to prepare… Now, more than ever, you are probably very aware of the money you are spending. Food most likely is a very important part of your budget and If we’re being honest, it’s eating up a lot of it!

In fact, as of 2014, the average Los Angeles household spent on food is $7,504 a year. If you break that down, people are spending about $625 on food each month. And that doesn’t include the gas and parking costs for your grocery sprees, babysitter to watch the kids and, most importantly, the value of the time you spend shopping AND cooking!

So if you live in the Los Angeles area, we have the solution for you. Try Crateful (literally the best meal delivery in Los Angeles) and save some time and money! Let us explain how it works:

 Save Time

The average American spends over 53 hours in the grocery store each year. That is roughly 4.4 hours per month spent walking through a grocery store, finding ingredients and waiting in checkout lines. That seems like a lot of your precious time, doesn’t it? Those 53 hours don’t even include your commute. In about 36% of the country the closest store to a household is more than 10 miles, and the median distance is about 7 miles. This drive, given traffic or weather conditions, is taking up chunks and chunks of your time. And none of us are getting any younger!

So how can Crateful help? We completely eliminate all of those wasted hours! Imagine this. You and your family enjoy a certain type of food and diet that you’d normally go shopping for, so you go to your laptop or smart device, type in www.crateful.la, choose your desired meal plan, pick your menu, allergies, food restrictions and delivery dates and … you’re done! In less than 10 minutes you’re set for over a month and every morning you will wake up with a sealed cooler bag waiting for you outside your door, packed with food which has been made fresh from organic ingredients by top chefs. And now you have more time to spend with family and doing the things you love.

 Save Money

Now let’s talk about costs. Yes, the dreaded costs of shopping for groceries. I mentioned earlier that the average Los Angeles household spends $7,504 annually, or $625 a month on food each year, but what about the expenses that come with the commute? You’re spending money on the gas to get there. You are possibly paying for parking. You’re loading and unloading a baby if you have one, or you are spending money on a nanny or a babysitter. These things add up.

Now consider Crateful and our delicious, convenient prepared meal plans. Our meals add a great variety to your diet that you may never get by shopping or cooking for yourself. We offer Nutritionist approved quality and nutritional balance with rich organic and locally sourced ingredients. The best part? You can order one entire month of Crateful for only $765, delivered to your home, fresh, every day! And this includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Compare that to the average $625 that Los Angeles households spend per month, plus gas and parking, and you are probably already saving. But not only are you saving, you are now enjoying chef prepared, nutritionist approved, Michelin Star meals from the best meal delivery service in Los Angeles!