Looking for fresh ingredients that will help your skin glow? We’ve got you covered! 

Crateful’s nutritionist Alyse Levine is the founder of Nutritionbite LLC, a renowned authority within the Los Angeles clean eating and healthy living industry.

Alyse combines a unique approach to providing health and nutritional advice and is “on a mission to free people from the ineffective diet mind-set and achieve healthy, lasting weight loss results”.

Trending healthy food topics and in depth knowledge about the beneficial factors of up and coming super foods are just some of Alyse’s talents, when it comes to staying in the know about the hottest and healthiest foods in town.

At the beginning of the year Levine spoke on KTLA about ditching ‘The Kale’ and saying Hello to the new green veggie of 2016, seaweed. Seaweed is a great sustainable food with a extensive nutrient profile and unique flavour.

On Thursday evening we tuned into KTLA once again to watch Alyse provide us with even more top tips about trending foods of the season including ‘edible Botox’ as well as the foods we should consuming which can help protect our skin from the sun.

‘Go Red and Stay Green’ with fresh ingredients

Go red and stay green, is what we should be doing this summer in order to help reduce the damaging effects of UV exposure caused by the sun. Watermelons and tomatoes are great sources for this. As well as including plenty of leafy greens, which provide anti oxidant functions in our diet.

Alyse’s “edible Botox” foods include Brussels sprouts and other foods such as papaya, bell peppers and broccoli, which are amongst some of  highest sources of food containing vitamin C.

The intensity of vitamin C in a single cup of Brussels sprouts accounts for a daily serving of vitamin C and through the rich functioning ingredients in Vitamin C. By eating these foods, the appearance of wrinkles can be reduced in addition to the collagen filling functions provided in the vitamin.

So this summer you can be sure to stay safe in the sun with the go red foods such as tomatoes and watermelon protecting your skin from UV damage. Rebuilding collagen with rich vitamin c foods and finally have that fresh glowing softer skin with high omega foods found in fish such as Salmon.

Luckily for you Crateful has you covered with healthy meal plans guided by nutritional advice from Alyse, carefully created to ensure all the nutritional value is of the highest quality and standard including the freshest of ingredients.  

Here at Crateful we are delighted to have Alyse on board to provide a specialist perspective and guide our meal plans and recipes in order to ensure our products are of the highest nutritional value and achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

Stay tuned for more information about trending super foods, the top summer skin picks, fresh ingredients and more nutritional advice.

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