Spring is the time to refresh. It’s another chance at a new beginning. But you might need a push to break the habits formed after cold winter evenings accompanied by comfort food. Luckily, when the season changes our body seems to naturally crave meals that are simple, fresh and delicious. Need extra motivation to eat healthier? Try spring cleaning your fridge!

Studies have shown that spring cleaning reduces stress, increases happiness and well-being. Cleaning out your fridge and freezer, however, means more than just a tidy-looking kitchen, it is also a way to reflect on your eating habits and make some positive changes.

According to the American Dietetic Association only 40% of consumers know that eating food that was improperly stored can increase the risk of foodborne illness. Chances are, by the end of the winter, your fridge is full of leftover condiments, parmesan or soy sauce packets from take outs or maybe even some tightly sealed containers you are afraid to open. Lucky for you it’s Spring-cleaning: thirty, so let’s get started.


Tips to Spring Clean Your Fridge

– Start cleaning your fridge by throwing out everything that is clearly expired or old, like half-empty bottles of condiments.

– Take everything out and wipe any spills or crumbs. Wipe the walls, shelves and rinse the drawers. Don’t forget the outside, make those doors and handles shine. It’s good to rearrange those magnets or notes from time to time anyway.

– Admire how amazing and clean your fridge is.

Before you start putting things back, take a look at what you got. Assuming you are excited to start fresh and make some healthy changes in your diet, evaluate if those things would belong in your new life. I am against food waste so if you find something that is unopened but doesn’t belong in your new healthy kitchen consider donating it to the food bank or bring it to work, somebody will probably want to take it.

Now that you are ready to fill out your new clean fridge with healthy goodness, think about the best way to organize it.


Tips to Organize Your Fridge

– Arrange the shelves, drawers and door to match the way you like to keep things. For example, I use the plastic baskets from the farmers market (the ones you would usually get the berries in) and use them to organize the top shelf of my fridge door.

– We are likely to eat the first thing we see in the fridge so make sure to have healthy food and snacks at your eye level.

– Look up proper ways to store food, not all things need to be refrigerated.

Finally, the food! Lucky for us, we live in California which gives us easy access to the fresh delicious food all year round. Salads, seasonal fruits and colorful vegetables will be the best addition to your newly spring cleaned fridge.


Tips to Add Fresh Food to Your Diet

– Hit your local Farmers Market to get some fresh delicious produce. Check out this farmers market project by LA Times where you can search for Farmers Markets by day, zip code or name. Seasonal fruits and veggies in California include asparagus, snap peas, beets, artichokes, strawberries, grapefruit, apricots and more.

– Browse for healthy meal ideas online. One of the most challenging things when switching to a healthy diet is finding what to do with all these beautiful fresh ingredients that you bought. From Pinterest to YouTube, there are tons of resources available.

– Try Crateful Meal Delivery Service. Pick one of our four menus that are made with fresh organic and locally-sourced ingredients. We will help you make your transition to a healthy diet easy, exciting and delicious. Bonus: our food comes in eco-friendly containers that will keep your new tidy fridge perfectly organized;)