You may already have a set diet, meal plan, and workout regimen but have you considered a Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is now being credited with improving brain health, helping with weight loss and even extending your life span! In a recent study, that was presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference this past weekend and reported by CNN, scientists have observed groups of people with a history of cardiovascular disease and found that the people who practiced a Mediterranean diet were at a lower risk of death compared to people of similar health that didn’t partake in the diet.

The Mediterranean diet is also one of the most prescribed options by leading physicians for people with heart issues and diseases. This makes the diet the best option to help anyone dealing with cardiovascular problems. Although the Mediterranean diet is extremely valuable to people suffering from heart conditions, its benefits aren’t limited to people suffering from these complications.


The Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional foods and recipes of the countries that surround the Mediterranian Sea. And just because the word diet is in the name doesn’t mean it is your average “diet”. It is a lifestyle that includes not only foods but outdoor activities, group dinners with friends and loved ones and wine with your meals!



Let’s talk about the food. The Mediterranean diet focuses highly on fish, fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and vegetables. Food is only cooked in olive oil and never touches butter or any other kind of fatty oils. This makes the diet a great option for vegetarians looking to try something new and enjoy unique health benefits while they’re at it.  But this diet doesn’t leave out the meat lovers. Lean cut meats and poultry can easily be added to the meal plan of your choice.


Now that you have an understanding of what a Mediterranean diet is, let’s get to the benefits!


Those of you concerned about losing weight have just found a great and extremely safe option to cut down. One of the greatest things about this diet is its flexibility. Whether you’re looking for low carb, low protein or more nutritious meals, there is lots of room for interpretation so you can make the meal exactly what you’d like it to be.

If you’re looking for protein over grains and legumes you still have the option to achieve your weight loss goals while avoiding deprivation by adding a higher amount of dairy and quality seafood. Dairy products and fish contain healthy fatty acids that are necessary for healthy living and helping you feel full so you’re snacking much less frequently. This also helps to improve your moods and energy levels.


Most American diets include preservatives, flavor enhancers, GMO’s and artificial ingredients. In contrast, the Mediterranean diet is fresh and organic. These all natural principles stem from the way Mediterranean people choose to enjoy their sweets by eating fruits and using natural sweeteners to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Another important factor of this diet is the modest intake of yogurts, cheeses, healthy fats and cholesterol. This addition to the diet makes it a great option for those looking to use the Mediterranean diet to achieve fitness goals.


Monounsaturated fat is the key! Studies continue to show that monounsaturated fat consumption is associated with lowering levels of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammatory disease, depression, heart disease and so much more! Considering that the listed diseases are some of the leading causes of death, you can see just how important eating the right thing really is. Studies also show that people on this diet have a 45% less chance of dying from a disease than those on a standard low-fat diet plan.


As mentioned before, this diet encourages togetherness and development of a stronger relationship with nature. In most cases, people are happier when they’re spending more time with people they care about, spending time outdoors and consuming organic, natural foods. This diet makes achieving those things much easier to do.

I also mentioned wine, remember? The Mediterranean people have a great passion for wine and this passion has followed the diet wherever it goes. We all know that red wine is beneficial in moderation, so feel free to add a glass to your Mediterranean dinner and take a load off!



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