Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Allie Michelle, a Yoga instructor and certified Reiki and meditation practitioner. My goal is simple, to spread mindfulness and wellness to as many beautiful souls as I’m able to reach. When Crateful approached me about exploring a partnership, I was over the moon with the idea of quite literally nourishing people. Food has been something I’ve battled with my entire life, but that struggle has turned into a beautiful relationship, and I’d love to share my story.

Food sensitivity is something that a clear majority of people are dealing with daily. I remember always noticing my body’s reaction to food, but hadn’t realized I was one of many people looking for a solution to the same problem. My mom kept my diet simple. She raised me on rice milk, and it was on a rare occasion that I would have sugar. I’ve had fast food only once in my life and was immediately sick after. I was absent for most of middle and high school because I was constantly in pain and could not figure out why. After seeing countless doctors, none of them could pinpoint what was wrong. They all had different suggestions and remedies, but nothing ever really solved my problem.

This desire to be well made me an extremely motivated detective for wellness. I wanted to understand what was happening to my body, and how to heal myself from the inside out. I did a yoga teacher training and became fascinated with the immediate improvement of my health. I could walk around during the day without having to curl up in a ball because of stomach pain. My immune system was stronger, and I had more energy. I felt a newfound sense of freedom.

I began researching all different modalities of holistic healing: essential oils, Chinese medicine, reiki, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, meditation. I became a spiritual junky to say the least. Food was something that I was overwhelmed and confused by. There is so much information out there telling us which diet is the right diet. After learning from nutritionists, reading books and studies, and experimenting within my own body, I am finally finding a balance. Health is not found merely through food, it starts by healing from the inside out. From a desire to love and take care of ourselves in the best way possible. Think of your body like a vehicle. It is yours to drive for this lifetime. If you do not maintain it properly, it’s likely to break down on you in time.

There have been studies that show there are as many neurons in our gut as there are our spinal cord. Some scientists are referring to it as our “second brain.” The ancient Egyptians believed the gut is where our consciousness resides. We all hear the term, “gut instinct,” frequently. This is our place of knowingness, our intuitive compass. When we are in tune with our bodies cycles and needs, we can honor it instead of seeking comfort through foods and other addictions. When our second brain is overloaded with pesticides and processed sugar, no wonder so many people are finding physical ailments. Our bodies have no idea how to process these chemicals.

After years of experimentation on myself, I have found that overall health can only be achieved by creating a balance that resonates with your body. Think of how complex and unique of a being you are. There is no one right way for any of us. When we nourish ourselves through exercise, internal self-care, and eating foods that have the nutrients our bodies need, it is life changing. We begin to live life in alignment with nature. We can maximize our full potential. We are metabolic beings, digesting every moment as we experience it.

Our bodies deserve clean, high quality meals. Like I said before, life is about balance. We live in a very fast paced culture where many of us work several jobs and do not have the time to prepare home cooked meals throughout the day. This menu was created out of love and designed from my own personal experience with diet. I hope it resonates with your body, and that you continue to listen to your gut instinct not just in what food you choose to nourish yourself with, but in every aspect of your life.