We are very happy to announce the launch of our new website!

Several improvements have been made to the UI to make our site more user-friendly and enjoyable. We’ve added a new menu, lower prices, new exciting recipes and an update to our meal packages. These are just a few of the additions that we hope will benefit our clients and future customers.

Flexible Delivery Schedule

One of our most exciting new features is a flexible delivery schedule that is the first of its kind in the meal delivery industry. After purchasing the desired meal package, you can now schedule delivery on the days that work best for you throughout the next year of your service!

Paleo Diet

We are also very excited to announce that we are now offering the very popular Paleo diet to our menus. This diet consists of fish, vegetables, and meat as the main ingredients. We are still offering the Fit, Chef and Vegetarian menus with new and innovative recipes added to all of them. We have eliminated our traditional Pescatarian menu, but there is an option to exclude meat in the Chef menu to make it Pescatarian.

Lower Prices & New Meal Packages

Our prices have been lowered! We have been able to lower our prices, while still maintaining high quality, fresh and organic dishes! One day of Lunch and Dinner option is now offered for as low as $30 per person.

Along with this, We have gotten rid of the 5 and 7-day packages we offered at the old website. We are now offering standard packages of 5, 10, 20 or 40 days, that contain Lunch and Dinner with an option to easily add Breakfast and/or Dessert.

Meal Customization

And lastly, but certainly, not least. It is now possible to directly apply preferred calorie amounts and any allergies, dislikes or restrictions to your order, making Crateful meals fully customizable.


Team Crateful really hopes that you will like our new website and benefit from the improvements that we have made.

Thank you for choosing Crateful.