By now you’ve probably already read our previous blog posts about why we’re the best meal delivery service in Los Angeles, our 3 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service, and our guide to eating well while saving money! If you haven’t yet, you should really give them a read. And if you have, have you signed up and tried Crateful meal delivery yet?

If you have then great! And if you haven’t, don’t sweat it. We get it, trying new things can be scary or unnerving, especially when there are money and costs involved. But we’re here to help you transition to a convenient, healthy, and delicious new lifestyle! If you are new, here is what to expect when you’re ordering from Crateful:

An Updated, User-Friendly, and Intuitive New Website

We’ve updated our website so that every visit is as easy and carefree as possible. We’ve made it simple for you to choose the menu that best fits your appetite or health and fitness goals. Then it is just a matter of creating a meal plan and creating a schedule using our new flexible delivery schedule! Our flexible delivery schedule is the first of its kind in the meal delivery industry and allows you to schedule specific days that work best for you throughout the next year of your service!

You can also find sample meal plans with photos and ingredients for each of our menus to give you a better idea of what you will be ordering. Our blog that discusses all things health, fitness, and delicious food! A FAQ page to answer all of your questions. A contact page to reach us for anything and everything. And an account page so that you can change meal plans, change your schedule, or edit your user information.

Fresh, Organic Meals. Delivered Daily

Our chefs are hard at work every single day to make sure that all of our meals are made well, made healthy and made fresh to deliver every morning. All you have to do is choose your menu, meal plan, preferred schedule and that’s it! We’ll take it from there. Do you want to wake up to a delicious breakfast tomorrow? Just place your order today and we’ll have it right at your door! Are you wondering what you’ll take to work for lunch tomorrow? Just the place your order today and it will be there before you leave to work. Conflicted about what to eat for dinner? Well, I think you get it by now. Just go to your door and put it in the fridge until later. It’s that fast and easy!

Delicious, Michelin Star Chef-Curated & Locally Sourced Meals

When ordering food with Crateful you are guaranteed to get the best tasting, most innovative, professional chef-curated, and celebrity nutritionist-approved meals. We get all of our ingredients from trusted local farms and vendors. We’ve hired dedicated chefs that work tirelessly on Michelin Star recipes. And the result is the delicious meal that is waiting for you on your doorstep every morning!